Ophthalmology ServicesHere at Town & Country Animal Clinic, we are proud to offer ophthalmology services for our patients.

Your pet’s eyes are very important for good health. We ensure that their eyes are healthy at every examination. We will monitor changes in your pet’s eyes as they age, letting you know if you need to do anything to help them.

We are also here for any problems that you have with your pet’s eyes. We can diagnose and treat many conditions including the most common: eye infections. We also see cherry eyes (where the red of the eye is visible), glaucoma (high intraocular pressure), cataracts, and much more.

Two of the most common tests that we run are the Schirmer tear test, which measures tear production, and fluorescein stain, which is used to determine if a pet’s injury includes a lesion on the cornea.

Our pharmacy is filled with eye ointments and drops to treat many conditions. We know how important it is to treat eyes right away, and we are dedicated to ensuring that your pets feel better as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or there is something wrong with your pet’s eyes, contact us today at (817) 579-7000.