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Coupons of the Month - April

Here's to Heartworm Prevention!

We offer a line of fantastic Heartworm Prevention, here is some information about them:

Sentinel Spectrum is a soft beef-and-bacon flavored treat that any dog could not resist.  While it is soft and chewy, which pleases them, it is helping more than you know.  Sentinel Spectrum prevents heartworm disease, prevents and controls flea populations, and treats and controls 4 internal pestisites, including tapeworms. 

Sentinel Flavor Tabs are also beef-and-bacon flavored chewable tabs.  The Flavor Tabs prevent heartworm disease, ends the infestation cycle of fleas, killing them before they become adults, controls hookworms, prevents and controls whipworms, and removes and controls roundworms.  

When you buy a 6 month supply of either Sentinel Spectrum or Sentinel Flavor Tabs, mention this coupon and recieve not only a $15 manufacturers rebate, but also 50% off your Heartworm Test at your next visit. 

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